Make Healthy Microwave Meals Quickly with Lekue’s Cookware

Microwave Meals
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No matter how much salt and fat is crammed into a microwave ready meal, they’ll always be 
a tempting convenient option. Knowing that you’re mere minutes away from dinner, 
with no more prep to endure than opening 
a packet and pressing 
a couple of buttons, is very handy indeed for the time-strapped.

For people to turn 
to healthy food instead of these instant edibles, therefore, it would 
help if the former 
were able to compete 
on convenience. Fortunately, the 
brave new world of microwave cookware makes it possible to produce healthy meals in minutes.

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Lékué Cookware

Ranging from small, single-egg cookers, to steam cases that can contain and cook an entire chicken in 20 minutes, Lékué’s range of microwave cookware aims to make every evening meal convenient and healthy. There are rice cookers, pasta cookers, omelette makers… there’s even a cheese maker, all of which require the minimum of time and interaction. Space-age stuff, but does it actually work?

Microwave owen

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Coach’s Chicken Dinner

Whipping up a stew or fish supper with Lékué’s case would have been adequate 
to prove their effectiveness, but really the question everyone wants answered is whether it’s possible to cook an entire chicken in 20 minutes. So a chicken it was.

In a bid to keep things as simple as possible, Coach didn’t bother with the niceties of seasoning other than splashing a bit of olive oil on the chicken, which was cooked using Lékué’s Deep Steam case.

Aside from flipping the bird 10 minutes in, no other “skill” was required. After a mere 20 minutes the fowl was indeed cooked and juicy, if distinctly under-seasoned. A chicken in 20 minutes, a fish in five, or an omelette in three: ready meals can be real food.

Lékué 1-litre Deep Steam Case, £19.99. Lékué has a range of recipes to go with its cookware, including a chicken dish that involves more than just olive oil. Visit

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