Zack George’s Toughest Home Workout

Zack George
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Zack George is very, very fit. To the point where he won the UK CrossFit Open in 2020 and finished 26th on the global leaderboard for the competition. That means when George says a workout is tough, you better believe it’s pretty tough.

George, who is an ambassador for G-Shock watches, has created this home workout as the perfect session for those looking for a challenge in the final few weeks before gyms reopen.

The beauty of this workout is that it’s scaleable to all abilities. No matter how fit you are, you will get a quality workout because you’ll be working to time. The fitter you are, the faster you go, and since one move involves using a dumbbell, you can pick a weight to suit you as well.

Zack George’s Home Workout

The workout involves completing 10 rounds of the three exercises below as quickly as you can. Record your time, and see if you can beat it next time.

“You should aim to do all the movements without breaks,” says George. “The burpees over the dumbbell are what’s really going to jack your heart rate up, so try to use the squats as a little active recovery to bring that heart rate back down, ready to go again.

“Don’t go in too hard at the beginning and let your performance drop off a cliff towards the end. Use a watch or a timer to track how long the first round takes you, and then try to stick with that time for each round to stay consistent. In the last round, push yourself to beat it!”

1 Alternating dumbbell snatch

Reps 8 each side

Stand holding a dumbbell in an overhand grip between your legs. Sit back and lower into a squat until the dumbbell touches the ground. Drive back up to standing, lifting the dumbbell with your legs and back. Once it reaches your hips pull the dumbbell up with your arm, flip your elbow underneath the weight and press it above your head. Reverse the movement to lower the dumbbell and swap hands for the next rep.

“Use your legs to drive the dumbbell up, keeping it as close to your body as possible as you do so for maximum efficiency,” says George. “Also ensure you always keep a flat back – rounding it can lead to injury.”

Burpee over dumbbell

Burpee over dumbbell

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Stand next to a dumbbell (it can be to the side or in front of you). Drop and put your hands on the floor outside your feet. Jump your feet back to land in a press-up position, then touch the floor with your chest. Push back up and come back to standing. Jump over the dumbbell and go straight into another burpee.

“Try to stay low as you jump over the dumbbell,” says George. “This will help you move faster because you don’t waste time standing completely upright. Keeping your feet hip-width apart instead of narrow will help with the mechanics here too.”

Unweighted squat

Reps 16

Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Lower, pushing your hips back and bending at the knees until your thighs are parallel to the ground, then drive back up to standing.

“Aim for perfect form, which means your hips go below your knees while you keep a nice straight back and upright chest,” says George. “Your feet should be about shoulder-width apart.”

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