Saucony Freedom ISO Running Shoes Review: A Thrillingly Springy Ride

Lightweight, bouncy and as comfortable as a sock – meet Saucony’s new top dog

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Advances in running shoe sole technology will always struggle to capture the public imagination, but sometimes, just sometimes, they’re worth your attention. And it turns out Saucony putting a full-length EVERUN midsole in the Freedom ISO is one such occasion, because it has helped to create an outstanding shoe.

The Freedom is the first Saucony shoe to have an full-length EVERUN midsole. Made from the same TPU foam that has helped make the Adidas BOOST line so popular, EVERUN is supportive and springy, promising 83% energy return on each stride.

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Previous shoes like the Triumph ISO only had sections of EVERUN, and it’s a mystery why Saucony waited to go the whole hog because the results are excellent. The EVERUN midsole delivers a simply fantastic ride: fast, comfortable and bouncy, over short distances and long.


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The Freedom is ideally balanced for all kinds of runs. It’s light and superbly responsive, so you get a great feel on faster runs, but the sole is also supportive enough for long runs. Faster runners in particular will enjoy the lightweight body and bouncy sole over half marathon and marathon distances.

The upper is another stand-out feature of the Freedom ISO, and it’s so comfortable it’s basically a sock. If you hate any restriction from the upper of your running shoes, this is the shoe for you. It’s that comfortable that even if you never ran in the Freedom ISO, you would still have acquired a superb (if expensive) pair of slippers.

The only downside to this looseness is that there is a slight lack of support when making quick turns. Since that’s not something that you’ll regularly do on runs, apart from when you’re avoiding pedestrians on busier streets, it’s a trade-off I’d be happy to make for the comfort.

The other aspect of the Freedom ISO that deserves a mention is the bright orange-yellow sole on the blue edition of the shoe I tested. It’s delightful. I’d describe it as Tropical Sunrise. The whole look of the blue Freedom ISO is flashily great, although there is a more reserved black option if that’s not to your taste.

At £140, all this comes at a hefty cost. However, the Freedom ISO is a premium shoe that provides an excellent ride, and it should be durable too, so I’d say it’s worth the money – especially if you have enjoyed running in Saucony’s other EVERUN shoes or Adidas’s BOOST line.

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