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Leon Scott
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Losing fat is one of the most common fitness goals and it can be achieved through pretty much any style of training you like. However, some types of workout are better than others for burning fat and if that is your main goal, then Multipower ambassador Leon Scott suggests HIIT workouts are the way to go.

“High-intensity interval training or HIIT – basically hard training in short bursts – burns calories at a much quicker rate and burns more fat overall,” says Scott. “It also keeps your body burning fat even after your workout is over.”

“Any interval workout involves alternating periods of high-intensity effort with periods of low-intensity effort, which is called the recovery. Interval running is an example, this could involve interspersing bouts of sprinting with slower running.

“For it to be most effective, you want two extremes – hard and easy.”

To help you get started with interval training, Scott has provided two workouts to try. The first is a basic intervals session on a treadmill and the second is a HIIT workout with weights.

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HIIT Treadmill Workout

1 Warm-up

Time 5min

Run at a gentle pace to get ready for the workout.

2 Sprint

Work 30sec Rest 60sec Reps 6-10

Sprint at your maximum pace for 30sec then jog or walk for 60sec to recover. If you can find a self-powered treadmill like a Woodway this will be easier than having to adjust speeds on an automatic treadmill.

Once you get used to the workout you can increase the challenge in a variety of ways. “Increase the intensity or the length of the work intervals, shorten your rest periods or add more intervals,” says Scott.

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HIIT Strength Workout

After a 5min warm-up and stretch (try this gym warm-up if you don’t have a set routine already), do four rounds of the circuit below, with 30sec rest after each exercise and 45sec rest between rounds.

“Start with enough weight to feel the resistance, but make sure you’re always able to complete all the reps with good form,” says Scott.

“As your strength increases, add additional weight to each exercise in 2.5-5lb (1-2kg) increments for burpees and pull-ups, and 5-10lb (2-4.5kg) increments for squats.”

Overhead squat

Reps 10 Rest 30sec

Make sure the barbell is light enough to allow completion of all reps in all four rounds.


Reps 20 Rest 30sec

Hold a dumbbell in each hand.


Reps 10 Rest 45sec

Hold one dumbbell between your legs.

Leon Scott is a professional footballer, fitness model and Multipower ambassador.

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