Tackle These Free Video Workouts On Blue Monday

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While the concept of Blue Monday is woolly pseudoscience at best, the good news is that its “worst day of the year” shtick doesn’t have to be true for you to benefit from the incentives companies offer as they jump on the bandwagon.

Fitness First has gone big on Blue Monday for the past few years, which it dubs Red Monday in line with its colour scheme. This year Blue, or indeed Red (or if combined Magenta), Monday falls on 18th January, and to mark the occasion Fitness First is offering a series of free online workouts.

The classes will be hosted on Fitness First’s new online platform FitX Player, and there are six live sessions scheduled for Monday.

The day begins at 7am with a Bolt class, an energising workout intended to get early risers raring to go. Then at 8am there’s a Fusion class that focuses on your core, and the morning is rounded off with a Pilates session at 11am.

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At lunchtime you can do a Rush HIIT class, starting at 12.30pm, and then in the evening there is a Shred strength/HIIT combo class at 5.30pm with a pure HIIT session at 6.30pm.

There are also on-demand workouts available on the FitX platform, which you can currently access for free without having to enter any details. These include strength and HIIT workouts that use equipment or just your bodyweight, and mind and body sessions like yoga and Pilates.

It’s usually about this time of year that New Year’s fitness resolutions start to fall by the wayside, and given the long periods of lockdown in 2020 it’s likely that you’ve exhausted many home workout options. The FitX player is well worth trying as another option for exercising at home – and the live workouts on Monday 18th are a great place to start, whether you feel blue or not.

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