Fitty London: The UK’s Surprise Fitness Subscription Box

Fitness Subscription Box
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As the world has become more paperless, the post received by most has been reduced to unwanted flyers and bills. As a result, it’s a rare treat to actually receive something you want in the mail.

Subscription boxes are the ideal way to ensure that, at least once a month, the postman delivers something worth unwrapping. There are subscriptions for almost everyone. Snack boxes, ingredient boxes, boxes full of geeky gear for gamers. There are even boxes laden with treats for your pets.

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Now fitness fiends can get their own monthly delivery, with Fitty London launching packages that contain healthy snacks and products designed to aid in all your exercise endeavours.

The Fitty Box

There’s no way of knowing exactly what your Fitty package will contain, with each month’s deliveries a surprise until they are unwrapped, but you can rely on receiving a variety of healthy snacks, supplements and useful fitness equipment. For example, Coach’s first deliveries contained, among many other things, a pair of ab-crunching Bear Grip Core Gliders and nut-filled office favourite Kind Bars. The boxes also tap into the latest trends in the fitness world, such as cactus water and beet powder.

Clearly, some of these will appeal more than others, but there’s never any harm in trying new things. Even beet powder. Should any of your surprise arrivals leave you utterly bemused, the Fitty London blog will provide the answers, with workouts and recipes that involve goods from the latest boxes posted to coincide with their delivery. £29 subscription, £32 one-off box,

More Subscription Services

If just one delivery a month isn’t enough, here are Coach-approved ways to fill your mailbox in healthy fashion.

Hello Fresh Weekly packages of healthy, fresh ingredients matched up to delicious recipes. All meals come with enough ingredients for two people. £39 for three meals/£49 for five meals a week,

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Graze Snacking can be a killer pitfall in any diet. Graze has over 100 options that make up your weekly box, all of which are tasty and healthy. Graze also offers boxes tailored to specific healthy goals. £3.99 for a four-snack box,

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