Watch Out Instagram, Strava Is Launching Athlete Posts

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Compared to most other branches of social media, which are dominated by arguments between people who don’t know each other, trolls and excessively-hashtagged images of breakfasts, fitness app Strava is a haven of sanity where people who like to run and cycle come together to share what they’ve been doing and support others who do the same.

So we’re happy to see that the popular app is set to offer its users more ways to interact by launching Athlete Posts. For now, only a few select people can use the new feature, but it will become available to all users later this year.

Athlete Posts looks like it could make Strava the destination for all your fitness inspiration needs by giving you the ability to post pictures and descriptions of workouts, along with general tips and discussion topics that cover things like the best equipment or advice on how to manage a common injury. That means if you have a serious running crush on someone and already track their every workout so you can replicate it yourself, you’re about to get a whole lot more detail.

The result should be a news feed that looks more like something you’d get on Facebook, but entirely devoted to athletic pursuits instead of captioned videos and angry political discussions between school friends you don’t speak to any more.

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The best way to get the measure of the new feature is to start following some of the 36 athletes who are already using it. It’s a roll call of incredible runners and cyclists who will fill your feed with training advice and stunning photos from races around the world. There’s a full list of the people currently using Athlete Posts on the Strava website.

Even if you don’t intend to post much yourself, the massive network of users should mean you’re never short of inspiration wherever you are in the world. Whether you’re looking for interesting new bike rides in the city you live in or the best routes to try when on holiday, it should soon all be contained within the app. You’ll just have to follow the right people.

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Nick Harris-Fry
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