The New Nike Air Zoom SuperRep Is Nike’s Best Trainer For HIIT

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Different workouts require different shoes, and Nike has taken specialisation to a whole new level with the launch of its SuperRep range, which includes shoes for HIIT classes, home workouts and spinning sessions.

Headlining the range is the Nike Air Zoom SuperRep, which has been designed with the demands of HIIT workouts in mind. That means you get a sizeable chunk of Nike’s Zoom Air cushioning underfoot to protect you from the impact of plyometric moves that have you leaping around to send your heart rate sky-high.

The shoe also has a plate in the midsole to help get you up on your toes and a groove in the front called the burpee break, which can help with the exercise it is named for as well as other moves like the plank and press-ups.


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“As you bend your foot up in a plank position, or burpees, push-ups or mountain climbers, the shoe is designed to bend with your foot and support you, keeping you in the right place to maybe hold that plank for one more second and get a little more out of your workout,” Nike’s Erin Gleason told Coach at the launch of the shoe.

Nike’s gym shoe line-up already contains the impressive Metcon, so we asked Gleason how someone should decide which is the shoe for them.

“The SuperRep is specially designed for HIIT classes, short runs, bootcamps,” says Gleason. “If you participate in those kinds of classes, this shoe is the right one for you. The MetCon is really focused around CrossFit.”

Along with the SuperRep the new range also includes the SuperRep Go, which is suited to workouts outside the gym – at home or on the road. It has similar properties to the SuperRep, with cushioning underfoot and an upper that will support the foot during side-to-side movements like skater jumps.

Nike also has a SuperRep shoe for those who prefer spinning – the SuperRep Cycle. The cycling shoe is compatible with SPD and Delta cleats, and also has rubber on the sole to ensure you don’t slip in the gym on the way to the cycling studio. Vents in the shoe also encourage air flow as you pedal to let your foot cool in the hot-box environment of a spinning studio.

The Nike Air Zoom SuperRep will cost £104.95 and will be available from 17th December, while the SuperRep Go and Cycle shoes will launch in April and June of next year, respectively.

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