Which London Marathon Jacket Should You Get?

NB London Marathon jackets 2024
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Limited-edition running gear is, in my opinion, the best souvenir you can get from the London Marathon. Aside from your London Marathon medal, of course, partly because that medal helps you get free food and drink after the race.

London Marathon sponsor New Balance knows that runners are itching to get their hands on limited-edition kit from the race, and has a range of options, including special versions of T-shirts, shorts and running shoes.

Of all the kit available, a London Marathon jacket is perhaps the most attractive option. The best running jackets will last many years and are always worn on top of your other kit, so that London Marathon logo is never hidden away.

So far this year there are three jackets available in the London Marathon range, two for men and one for women. The London Edition Marathon Jacket is a great souvenir for the event but a little heavier and hotter than you really need for running in my experience. Aside from using it for warm ups and cool downs, running in the London Edition jacket will be a sweaty affair. It’s currently available only in the men’s version but a women’s version will probably become available in due course.

If you want a London Marathon jacket that you can run in regularly, the lightweight London Edition Packable Run Jacket is my top pick. So far there is only a men’s version of the jacket available in black, but the women’s version will probably be launched at some point, and hopefully there will be more colors too. For now there is a London Edition of New Balance’s Woven Jacket in the women’s range, which is a lightweight layer with a hood, but isn’t packable.

The London Edition Packable Run Jacket is a useful lightweight layer that keeps you warm enough on runs without overheating. It is wind and water resistant, so won’t keep you dry during a downpour but will fend off spring showers during your marathon training. 

Best Men’s London Marathon Jackets

Men’s London Edition Impact Run Packable Jacket
Editor’s pick

Men’s London Edition Impact Run Packable Jacket

This is the men’s version of a very lightweight jacket that packs down into a pocket, so if you start a run wearing the jacket but get too hot, you can easily take it off and carry it. It’s not fully waterproof but is water- and wind-resistant while still being very breathable so you don’t overheat.

Men’s London Edition Marathon Jacket  

Men’s London Edition Marathon Jacket  

The men’s version of the classic souvenir jacket from the race, this is available in a navy and royal blue combo in a similar style to London Marathon jackets from past years, with a large reflective strip running around the torso. It looks great, but it’s not the most practical jacket in the range for running in.

Best Women’s London Marathon Jackets

Women’s London Edition NB Athletics Woven Jacket

Women’s London Edition NB Athletics Woven Jacket

The packable jacket is not currently available in the women’s range, but this lightweight wind and water resistant hooded jacket is a good option for training runs in inclement weather.

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