Get Ready For Running In Winter With The Nike Pegasus Trail 4—Under $100 In The REI Sale

Nike Pegasus Trail 4
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The Nike Pegasus Trail 4 is one of the best trail-running shoes and one of the best Nike running shoes, excelling as a road-to-trail option that is equally as comfortable on the asphalt as light trails. It’s also well-cushioned but still quite light, and offers a high level of versatility in both the terrains it grips on and the different types of runs you can tackle in it.

It’s a handy shoe to have around because of this versatility, and the Pegasus Trail 4 is especially useful in the winter when routes you’re able to use road shoes on in summer become too wet and slippery to be comfortable without a bit more grip on your shoe.

Since the weather is turning right now, the 30% discount on the Nike Pegasus Trail 4 available in the REI sale is especially attractive.

Nike Pegasus Trail 4: $140now $97.93 at REI

Nike Pegasus Trail 4: was $140, now $97.93 at REI

Save $42.07 Both the men’s and women’s Pegasus Trail 4 have been reduced to under $100 in the REI sale, with several colors and a variety of sizes still in stock. The Pegasus Trail 4 has been out for over a year so deals should continue to crop up on the shoe, especially in Nike’s Black Friday sales, but this is a good discount and well-timed for those in need of extra grip for fall and winter running.

Nike Pegasus Trail 4 review

This deal is on the standard version of the Pegasus Trail 4, rather than the Gore-Tex version, which might well be a worthwhile upgrade for those set to run through snow all winter, because it keeps your feet warm and dry.

If you’re running through a milder winter, however, the standard Pegasus Trail 4 is cheaper and lighter than the Gore-Tex shoe, and is more useable throughout summer since the upper is more breathable.

With summer in mind, I have found the Pegasus Trail 4 to be a great holiday shoe since it looks OK for a running shoe, is comfortable to walk in, and works well for runs on whatever terrain you might come across on your trip. Unless you’re planning to venture up mountains when a more trail-focused shoe will be useful.

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