My Favorite New Running Shoe Of 2023 Is 30% Off In The Adidas Sale

Adidas Adizero Boston 12
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The Adidas Adizero Boston 12 only launched last month, but the price just fell as part of Adidas’s site-wide sale. Such an early discount can be an indication that a product is sub-par, but with the Boston 12 that’s absolutely not the case. This model is one of the best running shoes on the market and my favorite new release of 2023 so far.

Admittedly earlier generations of the Boston did not always hit the mark. But Adidas took the feedback on board, made some crucial updates to the Boston 12, and it’s now one of the most versatile running shoes you can buy. 

Adidas Boston 12: was $160now $112 at Adidas with the code SAVINGS

Adidas Boston 12: was $160 now $112 at Adidas with the code SAVINGS

Save $48 The new release Boston 12 just hit the Adidas sale and you can pick it up for $112 today. This lightweight, comfortable and speedy shoe is a true all-rounder and outstanding value for such a versatile trainer. Fit this race day favorite into your running shoe rotation or wear it as your go-to shoe for every type of run.

The Boston 12 is cushioned and comfortable enough to cruise through easy and long runs, but when you’re ready to up the pace, the Boston 12 delivers an energetic ride. This efficiency comes from glass-fiber rods in its midsole, which act like a plate and add a welcome spring to your step.

The rod technology is borrowed from Adidas’s top carbon plate running shoes, the Adios Pro 3 and Prime X Strung, and the Boston 12 also uses the bouncy Lightstrike Pro foam found in the brand’s super-shoes. However, rather than having a full Lightstrike Pro midsole, the Boston 12 uses it only for the top layer, while the bottom one is made from an EVA material called Lightstrike 2.0.

Lightstrike 2.0 is not as springy as Lightstrike Pro, but it’s still comfortable and lightweight, and the cutting-edge foam increases the stability and durability of the Boston 12 in comparison with a racer like the Adios Pro 3.

Add in the excellent Continental rubber outsole on the Boston 12, which is durable and grips well, and the result is a daily trainer that’s enjoyable to wear for pretty much any kind of run, giving you the benefits of super-shoe tech without the super-shoe price.

At RRP the Boston 12 is $160 but if you use the code SAVINGS at checkout during the Adidas sale you get 30% off, bringing the price down to $112, which is great value for a long-lasting shoe of this caliber.

Nick Harris-Fry
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