Feel The Burn With This Booty Workout From Fitness App SHREDDY

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The beauty of a really good booty workout is that while the glutes are the focus, the exercises involved are often compound moves that work a whole load of other muscles as well. That means if you power through the new eight-week booty workout plan on female fitness app SHREDDY (App Store and Google Play, £9.99 a month), you’ll end up fitter and stronger in all sorts of ways, as well as sporting glorious glutes.

Below you’ll find an example of the workouts in the plan for you to try before signing up. You’ll need to visit a gym for this session, since the glute exercises require a variety of free weights, resistance bands and a cable machine to execute. If the cable machine is in use, try this legs workout instead.

SHREDDY Booty Workout


1 High knees

Time 30sec Rest 10sec

Run on the spot, lifting your knees up to your chest.

2 Standing hip opener

Time 30sec Rest 10sec

From standing, raise one leg while bending your knee until your thigh is parallel to the floor. Keeping your body facing forwards, move your knee out to the side. Reverse the move to the start and repeat on the opposite side.

Glute bridge

Time 30sec Rest 10sec

Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet planted on the floor. Drive your hips up so your body forms a straight line from your knees to your shoulders, then lower slowly.

Unweighted squat

Time 30sec Rest 10sec

Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Lower by bending your knees and moving your hips back until your thighs are parallel to the floor, then push back up. Keep a flat back throughout and keep your torso as upright as possible.

5 Cat-cow

Time 30sec Rest 10sec

On all fours, slowly arch your back and bring your head up, then round your back and bring your head down so your chin comes towards your chest.

Booty Workout

1 Barbell 1.5 hip thrust


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Sets 4 Reps 10

Sit on the floor and lean back so your shoulders are against a bench, holding a barbell just below your hips. Drive your hips up so your knees are bent at 90°, with your body forming a straight line from knees to shoulders. Lower halfway back to the start, then push back up to the bridge position. Lower back to the floor to complete one rep.

2 Banded dumbbell glute bridge

Sets 4 Reps 12

Loop a short resistance band around your thighs just above your knees. Lie back with your knees bent and feet planted on the floor, holding a dumbbell in both hands just below your hips. Drive your hips up into a bridge position, pressing out with your knees to keep tension in the resistance band. Lower slowly.

3 Dumbbell goblet squat


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Sets 3 Reps 12

Stand with your feet hip-width apart and your toes pointed out at a 45° angle, holding a dumbbell in both hands by your chest. Drop into a deep squat, then drive back up.

4 Frog squat

Sets 3 Reps 16

Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Lower into a squat, then instead of straightening your legs to stand up, hinge forwards at your hips, keeping a slight bend in your knees. Lower into a squat again and continue that movement pattern until you have completed all the reps.

5 Cable machine glute kick-back


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Sets 3 Reps 12 each side

Attach a cuff attachment to the low position on the cable machine and loop it around your ankle. Hold the machine with both hands and hinge forwards at the hips slightly. Raise your leg behind you to feel the stretch in your glutes. Do all your reps on one side, then switch.

6 Banded tap-back


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Sets 3 Reps 16 each side

Loop a short resistance band around your ankles and stand with your feet hip-width apart. Lift one foot and tap your toes on the floor behind you, then bring it forwards and tap next to your other foot. Do all your reps on one side, then switch.


Complete four rounds of the following.

1 Barbell walking lunge

Time 40sec Rest 20sec

Stand resting a barbell on your shoulders behind your neck. Step forwards and bend both knees to 90°, then push back up through your front foot and bring your back foot forwards to come to standing with your feet together. Then lunge forwards again, leading with the opposite foot.

Split squat

Time 40sec Rest 20sec

Adopt a staggered stance with one foot in front of the other. Bend both knees to lower, then drive back up. Swap your legs around after 20 seconds.

3 Two point plank reach

Time 40sec Rest 20sec

Start in a high plank position, supporting your body on your hands and toes, with your arms extended and your body forming a straight line from your shoulders to your heels. Reach forwards with your left hand and simultaneously raise your right leg off the floor. Lower both limbs, then repeat on the opposite sides.

4 Banded donkey kick to fire hydrant

Time 40sec Rest 20sec

Loop a short resistance band just above your knees and get on all fours. Moving at your hips and maintaining the bend in your knee, raise one leg straight back and up, then bring the knee forwards and to the side, then return it to the floor. Alternate legs with each rep.

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