Use This Easy Overnight Oats Recipe To Wake Up To A High-Protein Breakfast

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As a rule, weekday breakfasts are the meals most people commit the least amount of time to preparing. Which is understandable, because minimising the time between waking up and going to the office is a sound approach to maximising your time asleep.

Fortunately there are many quick and simple ways to make a healthy breakfast, and overnight oats might just be the best way, because the time required in the morning is zero. Just grab your oats from the fridge and eat. And that’s not because you’ve put in hours of work the night before – gathering all your ingredients and mixing them together in a bowl requires no culinary wizardry. At all.

This overnight oats recipe from Multipower ambassador Healthy Jon can be put together in just three minutes or even less – it really depends on how quick you are at opening the ingredients and pouring them in. Why not record how long it takes to make it the first time and then try to beat that time? Just be careful when opening the poppy seeds packet at speed, because cleaning up a poppy seed explosion is really going to harm your chances of setting a PB.

The addition of protein powder make this a great breakfast for anyone training regularly, while the inclusion of poppy seeds makes it a great brekkie for everyone, because poppy seeds are powerhouses of protein and fibre. Healthy Jon has recommended using casein protein powder in the recipe below. Casein is digested more slowly than whey, so by having it in the morning you’ll provide your body with a source of protein that it can absorb over the course of the day. An added bonus is that should help you feel full until lunch.

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  1. Mix everything together in a large bowl and pour into a cup.
  2. Leave overnight in the fridge and enjoy in the morning.

Ingredients (One Serving)

  • 1 cup oats
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 serving lemon casein protein powder
  • 1tbsp poppy seeds
  • 1tsp honey

Nutritional Info

Calories 597
Fat 11.6g
Carbohydrates 84g
Protein 40g

Nick Harris-Fry
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