Get Fresh Pasta Delivered To A Loved One’s Door

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Pasta is at a premium right now, so we don’t think there’s anyone who’d say no to some premium pasta delivered to their door. That’s the service offered by Pasta Evangelists, a company that makes fresh pasta and sauces and sends them out all over the UK. Once they arrive, you can freeze them or prepare a delicious meal in under ten minutes.

With all of us staying put in our houses unless absolutely ruddy necessary to stop any further transmission of COVID-19, the idea of getting fresh pasta through the mail sounds very appealing. And Pasta Evangelists has created a special care package you can send to help someone out if they can’t get to the shops, which should brighten up their day in general.

The package contains three meals and costs £25, with £5 from every purchase going to charity Age UK, which is playing a vital role during the pandemic supporting the elderly. You can choose vegetarian-only meals, a mix of vegetarian and meat, or meat only, and the package will be delivered in three to five working days of your order.

Pasta Evangelists has several other gift options as well. These include a pasta-making kit, which is one way to while away the long hours of social isolation if your loved one is unable to work at the moment.

There are other prepared pasta boxes to choose from too, including a date night package and a new parent treat box. Anyone who has just become a parent is definitely in need of a treat right now, so do check that out. Needless to say, if you don’t order the care package, you should consider making a donation to Age UK separately.

If you like the idea of getting meals delivered to someone but are less keen on the pasta angle, consider these alternatives. All are available nationwide.

Fresh Fitness Food

The best meal delivery service out of the many we’ve tried, and you can get 10% off an order using the code WFH10 at the moment. And if you work for the NHS, the discount available is 50% – email from your NHS email address to take advantage of the offer.

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Mindful Chef

This meal delivery service offers healthy frozen meals for £7 apiece as well as recipe boxes. There’s a £20 discount spread across your first two orders to be found on the web – start by checking Instagram or searching for Mindful Chef.

Buy from Mindful Chef


Incredibly tasty plant-based meals that can be frozen or thrown straight in the microwave for a delicious dinner. There’s no discount here – they’re just excellent and we thought you should know about them.

Buy from Allplants

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