Sam Wood’s 28-Minute Home Workout For Weight Loss

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You don’t need a gym membership or even a load of free time to lose weight. All you need is the steely motivation to get through a high-intensity home workout. A home workout just like this one, which hits the whole body throughout four rounds of seven different exercises during which you’re always looking to complete as many reps as possible.

The workout was created by Sam Wood, a PT who found fame on the Australian edition of The Bachelor, and is inspired by his “28” programme, a 28-day fitness and diet plan. All the workouts in the plan are 28 minutes long and follow the same protocol as the one below, and although some equipment like dumbbells and a gym mat can be useful, they’re not essential.

“The reason I love home workouts is that it’s easier to get them done,” says Wood. “Convenience leads to consistency and consistency leads to results.”

Once you’ve blasted through the below and decided that 28 is your new favourite number, head to the website to find out more about Wood’s training plan – we’ll give you one guess as to how much it costs each month.

28-Minute Home Workout

Do each exercise for 40 seconds and rest for a strict 20 seconds between exercises. Aim to complete four rounds of the below, with no rest greater than 20 seconds – even between rounds.

Lunge into reverse lunge (right leg)

Time 40sec Rest 20sec

Stand with your feet together. Step forwards into a lunge with your right foot and then spring all the way back into a reverse lunge on your right foot.

2 Lunge into reverse lunge (left leg)

Time 40sec Rest 20sec

Do the same as above but on your left side.

Hand walk-out with press-up

Time 40sec Rest 20sec

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Put your hands on the floor in front of your feet and walk them forwards until you are in a press-up position. Complete one full press-up, then walk your hands back and stand up.

Walking plank

Time 40sec Rest 20sec

Start in a plank position with your forearms resting on the floor or a mat. Keeping your body stable and straight throughout with your core and glutes tight, move one arm from resting on your forearm to resting on your hand, then the other so you finish in a high plank or top press-up position. Reverse the move to the start and continue going up and down.

5 Leg lower

Time 40sec Rest 20sec

Lie on your back with your legs extended, pointing straight up. Lower your legs to the floor as far as you can without your lower back arching. The movement should be controlled throughout. If your form begins to suffer, stop and rest.

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Jump squat

Time 40sec Rest 20sec

From a standing position, squat down, then explode up so your feet come off the ground. Land softly with bent knees and go straight into the next squat.

7 One-arm burpee

Time 40sec Rest 20sec

Perform a standard burpee but with one arm tucked behind your back, changing arms after every three reps. These are not press-up burpees!

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