The Best Hard Workout Videos On YouTube

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YouTube is laden with brilliant workout videos, especially if you’re a beginner trying to get fit at home without any equipment to hand. However, it’s not only newbies who are well catered for on the platform; those looking for a really tough workout to sink their teeth into can find plenty of great options too.

Too many great options, in truth. So if you’ve been paralysed by choice when scouring YouTube for a hard workout to try, check our shortlist of the best available instead.

1,000 Calorie Workout

The husband and wife team behind the FitnessBlender channel do a great job of offering workouts for a range of abilities, but if you want the hard stuff head straight to this epic 90-minute session that involves strength training, HIIT, Pilates, kickboxing and more to help you burn 1,000 calories in one go.

Intense Ab Workout

If you want to challenge yourself but don’t have 90 minutes to spare, give this seven-minute abs blast a bash instead. You’ll be spending most of that seven-minute period with your abs under tension, so expect to feel the burn.

25 Minute Ladder HIIT Workout

Although Joe Wicks presents this workout from the roof of a hotel in Singapore, rest assured you can do it at home. The ladder style of the sessions means it gets harder and harder as it goes on, especially since one of the exercises involved is the savage chest-to-floor burpee tuck jump.

A 30-Minute Tabata Session To Burn Some Serious Calories

You can tell by the amount the incredibly fit (and chipper) instructor is sweating during this workout that it’s hard as nails. You’ll be rattling through loads of sets of heart-pumping bodyweight moves, working to Tabata timings of 20 seconds on, ten seconds off.

Nick Harris-Fry
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