Spartan Race Launches Two UK Trail-Running Events

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If you regularly hit the trails for your training you’ll know that sometimes off-road running has more in common with obstacle course racing than road running, with boggy ground, vast puddles and fallen trees to negotiate. So it’s perhaps not surprising that OCR specialist Spartan Race is expanding into trail-running events, with two races lined up for the UK in 2020.

Spartan launched several trail events outside the UK last year, and is putting on a six-race series this year with prize money on offer to attract elite competitors, but the two new events are the first off-road runs it has lined up for these shores.

The first event includes a half marathon and a 10K and will take place on 21st June at the Glanusk Estate in the Black Mountains, south Wales. The second event is a 10K at Marston Lodge in Leicestershire on 12th July.

Both races will be part of Spartan festival weekends at the venues, with more traditional OCR events taking place as well, so there should be a good atmosphere and some support to cheer you along the course.

There will be no man-made obstacles to conquer en route, so you don’t need to consider your plan for tackling barbed wire or monkey bars, but there will be natural impediments to overcome, like river crossings, fallen logs and muddy scrambles.

You can sign up now for the runs, with the half marathon costing £40 and the 10Ks £30.

If you’re intrigued by the idea but Spartan’s races don’t fit into your schedule, then check out Wolf Run, which puts on four “wild running” events each year. These are similar to Spartan’s new events in that the courses are designed to take in a variety of natural obstacles.

Wolf Run has an event for each season, with the Winter Wolf being the toughest of the lot, because sloshing through water obstacles is a lot harder when the temperature is near zero. Head to our round-up of OCRs and mud runs for more excellent off-road events, and you’ll also find some top trail races in our round-up of running events. If this will be your first time off-road it’s wise to wear shoes with more grip and protection than usual. Our round-up of the best trail-running shoes has plenty of options. 

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