Mifo O5 Plus Truly Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review: 100 Hours Of Battery Life!

Battery life is the killer feature with these great value buds, but they’re solid on sound quality too

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Every time I review a set of truly wireless headphones there’s a part of me that wonders why they can’t put more battery life in the carry case, which always doubles as a charger for the easy-to-misplace buds. Generally you get three recharges or so out of the case, which is useful, but still means plugging the case itself in to charge at least once a week.

I assumed that packing in a huge battery would make the case impractically large or heavy, but the Mifo O5 Plus headphones have put paid to that idea. The carry case is a little larger than the ultra-portable ones you get with the Apple AirPods Pro or Jaybird Vista buds, but it’s still pocket-sized and light, and it contains a garguntuan 100 hours of extra battery life on top of the seven you get from the buds themselves.

I’ve charged the case once in the four weeks I’ve had the Mifo O5 Plus headphones. I haven’t been using them exclusively in that time, but still, that’s a long time to go without having to find a plug.

Of course, that battery life would mean little if the headphones were atrocious in other ways, but they deliver on sound quality and fit too, though the latter isn’t flawless when it comes to using the buds for exercise.

First, sound quality. The Mifo O5 Plus buds are not at all heavy on the bass and if your musical preferences skew in that direction you might find them a little underwhelming. However, my musical preferences do not skew in that direction, and I found the buds perfectly satisfactory in the mid and high range. The sound didn’t exactly wow me, but it was more than good enough when using the buds for exercise or in the office.

With an IP67 rating, the Mifo O5 Plus buds are waterproof and dust-proof, so you can be sure they’ll survive sweaty workouts or runs in the rain. They also come with the greatest variety of silicone ear tips I’ve come across, including some absolutely tiny tips, to try to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.


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However, when running with the headphones I found I had to adjust them fairly regularly to stop them slipping out of my ears, whichever tips I used. It wasn’t a constant problem and I could use them for runs without worrying they would suddenly slip out, but it wasn’t the rock-solid fit I’d hoped for.

In fairness, I have had similar problems with some other truly wireless in-ear headphones, but others like the Jaybird Vista and Jabra Elite Active 65t have been far more secure when running. I suspect many runners would have no problems with the fit of the Mifo O5 Plus buds, but it’s a potential problem.

One problem that every user will have to deal with are the controls on the headphones. Each bud has two very small buttons on it – one is a multifunction button that offers the same controls on both buds, and the other is a volume up button on the right bud and a volume down button on the left. These are very difficult to use while on the move, and even when sitting, registering a press on the small button involved jamming the bud into your ear in uncomfortable fashion. I tended to use my phone to control my music instead as a result.

As for connectivity I found the buds reliable, with no dropouts from my phone or laptop when using them. Switching between devices involves first disconnecting from one and then pairing the headphones with another, rather than the seamless switching you can get with pricier headphones, but it’s still pretty simple.

Speaking of price, the Mifo O5 Plus headphones cost £99.99, which is excellent value. It’s not the absurdly low price of the Mpow T6 buds, but it’s still significantly cheaper than the £150-plus that is standard for premium truly wireless headphones. Mifo also sells a Pro version of the O5 headphones, which have balanced armature drivers for improved sound quality and cost £30 more.

I’d say that most people will be satisfied by the sound quality of the O5 Plus buds and more than satisfied by their superb battery life. While the fit might take some tinkering with if you’re intending to use the headphones for running or HIIT workouts, the O5 Plus buds are still an excellent set of truly wireless headphones that offer a more affordable alternative to the likes of Jaybird, Jabra and Apple.

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Nick Harris-Fry
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