​​Easy One-Kit Workouts For When The Gym’s Stupidly Busy

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It requires a certain level of confidence to move around the gym using different bits of equipment for your workout. It also requires a fairly quiet gym, because if it’s jam-packed then the odds are you’ll have to wait at some point, which could well throw off the timing of your workout.

If you lack that confidence or constantly find yourself waiting for equipment, then give one of these simple one-kit workouts a try. We have a range of workouts that target different parts of the body, so you can do a different one each day. Simply secure the one piece of equipment required plus a little space, and away you go. No queuing, no stress, just quick workouts that get the job done. And if at the end of your workout you spy that another piece of equipment we mention below is free, you can always double up for added gains.

Easy Warm-up

Equipment Resistance band

Exercises  Front raisepull-apart, dislocate

This can be done at the start of any training session. Start with the front raise: feet on the band, pulling the band up to shoulder height with your palms pointing down. Do ten reps. Next, take your feet off the band and do ten pull-aparts, holding the tension at the end of the movement. Finish with five band dislocates, bringing the band overhead and down behind your back.

Easy Arms Workout

Equipment Cable machine

Exercises  Face pullpress-down, pull-down

Use the double rope attachment for this one. Start with a face pull to keep your shoulders healthy, keeping your elbows high and bringing the ropes to either side of your face. Move straight into a rope triceps press-down: arms by your sides, bending your elbows to move the weight. Then do a straight-arm pull-down, leaning forwards slightly to increase the emphasis on your lats.

Easy Core Workout

Equipment Gym ball

Exercises Pike, tuck, press-up

This one’s a three-way core hit: start with your feet on the ball and hands on the ground. First, do the pike for eight reps – legs straight, bringing the ball towards your hands and your hips up high. Next, bring your knees in for eight reps, then and finish with eight press-ups, feet still on the ball. You’ll hit your core from every angle – and use it for stability as you work your arms.

Easy Chest And Triceps Workout

Equipment Dumbbells

Exercises  Flyeskullcrusherpull-over

For the chest flyes, keep a slight bend in your elbows and bring the dumbbells overhead, then out to your sides. On the last rep, move straight into a skullcrusher – bending the dumbbells to bring them close to your face. Finally, do pull-overs, lowering the dumbbells behind your head. Complete eight to 12 reps for each movement – more for the moves where you’re stronger.

Easy Shoulder Workout

Equipment Kettlebell

Exercises  Overhead presshalo, bottom-up press

Kettlebells are great for overhead work because they nestle neatly on the back of your wrist. Start with a standard overhead press and do ten reps. Then grab the horns in both hands and move the weight in a circle around your head. Do five reps each way. Finally, aim to do one good rep of a bottom-up press, which will encourage you to use an efficient movement path.

Easy Legs Workout

Equipment Sandbag

Exercises  Squatlungereverse lunge

A Bulgarian bag will also do, but you’ll need to up the reps. Start with 12 squats, keeping your heels flat and holding the bag either over your shoulders or in the crook of your arms. Move on to 12 forward lunges, then 12 reverse lunges – they’ll hit your quads from a different angle. Repeat the whole thing four times.

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