Watch Chris Hemsworth Work Out On A Helipad, Then Try His Workout (No Helipad Required)

A helipad
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Chris Hemsworth doesn’t work out like a normal person. Chris Hemsworth works out harder, more often, and he does it on a helipad. Whether this is just to one-up Liam and the other one (Phil… is it Phil Hemsworth?), we can’t say, but we can say that it looks cool, especially when he’s wearing aviators.

You can watch Hemsworth go at on a reel he posted to his Instagram account, and if you’re anything like us you’ll have to watch it twice because the first time you’ll be scanning the sky for any helicopters coming in to land and will miss all the moves.

The workout is taken from Hemsworth’s fitness app Centr (one of the best workout apps in our considered opinion) and it’s a tough one to do at a gym, let alone on a presumably very windy helipad by the sea. 

Work through five rounds of five exercises, doing 10 reps of each and only resting at the end of the round, when you get a 60-second breather.

Hemsworth clearly enjoys combination moves, because the first three exercises in the workout are combos. He also seems to be enjoying his adjustable dumbbells – if you want a set go check out our best dumbbells round-up for more info on why they can be the ideal space-saving solution. We imagine they’re also easier to clear off a helipad in a hurry than multiple sets of weights.

You’ll note Hemsworth has kept the dumbbells light, because he’s squeezing a lot of lifting into a short space of time, and you should too. 

Here’s the workout in full. If you want any extra tips on how to exercise then check out the comments on Hemsworth’s post, where lots of incredibly well-informed people are telling him he’s doing it wrong.

Chris Hemsworth’s 50-Rep Challenge Workout

1 Press-up burpee to overhead press

Reps 10 

Do a press-up while holding dumbbells. Jump your feet forward, stand up and press the dumbbells overhead.

2 Squat, curl and press 

Reps 10 

Stand holding a dumbbell in each hand. Drop into a squat then drive up, pushing through your heels and curl the weights up to your shoulders, before pressing them overhead.

3 Alternating reverse lunge and curl

Reps 5 each side

From standing, take a big step back and lower until both knees are bent at a 90° angle. Drive back up to standing and curl both weights up to your shoulder, then do a reverse lunge on the other leg.

4 Biceps curl 

Reps 10 

Stand holding the dumbbells by your waist. Curl them up to your shoulders then lower them slowly.

5 Dumbbell shoulder press 

Reps 10 Rest 60sec

Stand holding the dumbbells by your shoulders. Press them overhead, then lower under control.

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