Try This Terminator Workout Challenge With DW Fitness First

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It takes strength, speed and endurance to escape the Terminator, whether you’re on the run from the original Arnie, the one that turned into liquid metal, or the new Rev-9 cyborg from the latest addition to the franchise, Terminator: Dark Fate.

To celebrate the new film, gym chain DW Fitness First has created the Dark Fate workout challenge, which involves rattling through a series of eight moves as quickly as possible, with each exercise supposedly reflecting the physical prowess you’d need to best the Terminator. (Nonsense of course. The Terminator can’t be reasoned with, it can’t be bargained with. It doesn’t feel pain, or lactic acid, or DOMS and it absolutely will not stop. Ever. Until you are dead. Still, don’t let that stop you enjoying this bit of fun.)

You’ll find the workout below and if you fancy logging an official time and seeing how it compares with the rest of the UK, head to a branch of DW Fitness First where someone can record your effort – you don’t even have to be a member.

The Dark Fate Workout Challenge

Complete the following eight exercises as quickly as possible.

1 Treadmill

Distance 800m

After a thorough warm-up, cover 800m on the treadmill as quickly as possible.

2 Lateral plyo box over

circuit training

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Reps 30

Stand side on to a box. Drop into a shallow squat then jump up onto the box, landing with both feet at the same time. Step down on the other side of the box.

3 ViPR log press

Reps 30

Hold a ViPR on one shoulder in both hands. Press it up overhead and bring it down on the other shoulder.

4 Assault bike

Calories 30

Jump on an assault bike and give it your all until 30 calories have been burned. You might need a break after this one.

5 Alternating dumbbell snatch

Reps 30

Stand with your feet wider than shoulder-width apart and a dumbbell on the ground in front of you. Hinge at your hips and reach down to grab the weight with your right hand then in one fluid movement bring it up and overhead. Put the weight back down and lift it with the opposite hand on the next rep.

6 Hand release press-up

Reps 30

Get into a press-up position and lower your chest until it touches the ground. Lift your hands off the ground, then bring them back down and press up.

Single-arm kettlebell overhead press

Reps 5 each side

Hold a kettlebell by your shoulder with your palm facing out. Press the weight overhead. Do all your reps on one side, then switch.

8 Row

Distance 800m

Complete 800m on the rower as quickly as possible to finish the workout. Extra points if you shout “hasta la vista, baby” as you row.

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