No More Drop-Outs? Wahoo Adds Wi-Fi To New KICKR Bike And Turbo Trainer

Wahoo KICKR bike v2
Wahoo KICKR bike v2 (Image credit: Wahoo)

Wahoo is releasing the latest generation of its KICKR Bike and KICKR Smart Trainer, and aims to improve how well they work with connected training apps.

Both the indoor bike and the turbo trainer lines are among the top options for cyclists looking for a realistic ride experience. We gave both the KICKR Bike and the KICKR V5 4.5-star reviews and places in our round-ups of the best exercise bikes and best turbo trainers.

The headline development is the addition of Wi-Fi connectivity to both, which makes for a faster, more stable connection than when using Bluetooth/ANT+ to connect to apps and other devices.

Both the bike and turbo also integrate seamlessly with the Wahoo X training platform, which  contains the Wahoo SYSTM And Wahoo RGT apps, where you can immerse yourself in virtual worlds, and tackle training programmes and workouts to improve your cycling. The trainers also connect to third-party apps like Zwift and TrainerRoad, and having Wi-Fi should ensure that connection is better than ever. Wahoo even says on-screen metrics will update 65% faster over Wi-Fi than Bluetooth or ANT+.

“We are excited that Wahoo continues to lead innovation in the category by being the first major brand to introduce Wi-Fi on its smart trainers and bikes,” says Wahoo CEO Mike Saturnia. “We are creating the most innovative connected fitness ecosystem on the market, and these new Wi-Fi-enabled products play a key role.”

The addition of Wi-Fi also means that firmware will be updated automatically between uses, so you don’t have to sit waiting for a software update to finish when you want to start cycling.

Wahoo KICKR V6 smart trainer

Wahoo KICKR V6 smart trainer (Image credit: Wahoo)

Other updates include ERG Easy Ramp, which helps you to resume an ERG workout during an interrupted interval by easing you back up to your desired wattage. This means you don’t have to struggle to hit a high wattage target from stationary after a break.

The new machines also come with an odometer to track the total distance covered using them, which can help you keep on top of maintaining them. 

The KICKR Bike offers 2,500W of resistance and has Wahoo’s KICKR Climb technology built in, and so can tilt forwards and backwards to create inclines of up to 20% for climbs and 15% for descents. We will be testing it as soon as possible to see how the upgrades affect the experience of using it.

The new KICKR Bike V2 costs $3,999.99 in the US and £3,499.99 in the UK and is available to pre-order before the shipping date of 5th October. The new KICKR Smart Trainer V6 is $1,299.99/£1,099.99 and is available to buy now. 

Pre-order KICKR Bike V2 from Wahoo US or Wahoo UK

Buy KICKR Smart Trainer V6 from Wahoo US or Wahoo UK

Nick Harris-Fry
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