The Best Hoka Cyber Monday Deal? The Mach 5 Under £100

Hoka Mach 5
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The Hoka Cyber Monday/Black Friday sales have been a little disappointing. While there are a few good deals available in the UK, there’s been very little to report in the US, and my hopes of seeing shoes like the Hoka Clifton 9 or Hoka Rocket X2 in the sales have gone unfulfilled.

However, the Hoka Mach 5 is reduced in the UK, and if you can pick it up for under £100 then that is undoubtedly a great deal for one of the best all-round running shoes available. Both SportsShoes and Pro:Direct have included the Mach 5 in their Cyber Monday sales, and the cheapest you can get the shoe is £91.99.

Hoka Mach 5: was £130now £91 at Pro:Direct

Hoka Mach 5: was £130, now £91 at Pro:Direct

Save £39 One color of the men’s Mach 5 and one color of the women's are going for this price in the Pro:Direct sale, with a wide range of sizes available for women but only one (size 7) for men. There are several colors of the Mach 5 in SportsShoes’ sale for £97.99, however, and some others are reduced at Pro:Direct. If you can get the shoe for under or very close to £100 then it’s a good deal, though earlier in the sale period there was one color going for just £80 at SportsShoes in limited sizes.

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The Mach 5 is a comfortable shoe for cruising through easy and long runs, but is also lightweight and responsive enough to use for faster runs. It’s a good long-distance racing option if you don’t want to use a carbon plate running shoe, and although the lack of an outsole means it’s not as durable as some shoes, it’s still a great addition to any running shoe rotation

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