Barry’s Bootcamp Launches Home Workout Membership

Barry’s Bootcamp
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If you’ve ever undertaken a workout at a Barry’s studio you’ll know that the strength/cardio combo classes on offer are a great way to get fitter. However, you’ll also know that a lot of equipment is required, from various free weights to the treadmills used in the running sections.

So you may well wonder how you can take a Barry’s class at home, unless you have an enviably well-stocked home gym. Well, it seems the guys at Barry’s have wondered that too, because they’ve come up with a trio of new workout formats to fit into the new Barry’s At Home programme.

The different workouts use bodyweight exercisesresistance bands and free weights respectively, so you can choose training sessions that fit with your fitness goals and the equipment you have available at home. The full schedule is available on the Barry’s website if you select Book Now and then At Home.

Whatever option you choose, you’ll be signing up for a rigorous, instructor-led 50-minute workout. It might not be the classic Barry’s class style you’re used to (unless you have a red lightbulb to screw in before the class) but it will still be a highly effective way to work up a sweat at home. We’d also back the instructors to recapture the motivational atmosphere of the studio with shout-outs, form tips and the usual high-octane playlist.

You can sign up for individual classes at £12 each, with weekly and monthly memberships coming soon. You can also use existing Barry’s memberships for the At Home classes. Once signed up you’ll be emailed a Zoom link 20 minutes before the class so you can jump into the call and get ready.

Barry’s At Home is set to become a permanent part of what the international chain offers, rather than just a short-term response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Barry’s has also been offering free workouts on Instagram since the studios were forced to shut and will continue to do so even after the launch of Barry’s At Home, so you can try a workout for free to see if you’d be keen to sign up to the full service.

Sign-up to a class on Barry’s | £12

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