Joe Wicks’ New Supplement Range With Myprotein

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You probably thought Joe Wicks already had his own range of protein powders and other fitness supplements (we did), but you (OK, we) were wrong. The king of fitness launched his range of 14 supplements with Myprotein on 1st January, no doubt to help fuel New Year’s health kicks across the land.

The range includes protein powders, as you’d expect, and they’re named as followers of Wicks would expect. There’s “Bangin’ Whey Protein” and “Proper Vegan Protein”, with vanilla, salted caramel, chocolate brownie and turmeric latte flavours available.

We tried the salted caramel whey and while it was lacking saltiness, it mixed well and avoided the all-too-common caramel flavour pitfall of being too sweet. Like most of the best protein powders it delivers 20g of protein in a 25g serving and the fats and sugars are kept below 2g apiece, with sucralose used as a sweetener instead of the latter. The protein source is whey concentrate, which is usually cheaper than whey isolate or hydrolysed whey, and Wicks’s Myprotein powder is indeed well priced at £18.99 for 1kg.

There are also BCAA powders for omnivores (£19.99) and vegans (£17.49) alike, described as “Fruity”, which could be a reference to the flavour or a Wicks buzzword… we’ll confess to not being entirely sure on that front, although the Berry Burst flavour is indeed very fruity. The 5g serving contains 2g of L-Leucine, 1g of L-Isoleucine and 1g L-Valine, and the powder costs £19.99 for 250g.

Beyond protein powders you’ll find vitamins and minerals, including multivitamins (£4.99), D3 (£8.49 for 120 tablets) and omega 3 fatty acids (£4.99). There’s some real food thrown into the bargain as well, with the Wicks Myprotein range including gluten-free oats (£4.99), crunchy or smooth peanut butter (£3.50), and almond and cashew nut butters (£8.99 each).

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You can try samples of the full range of whey flavours, the BCAA powder, multivitamins and vitamin D3 capsules by buying the The Body Coach Sample Box, which costs £19.99 and also includes a Joe Wicks shaker. And if you just want that shaker, it’s £2.49 (or free with order over £35).

Although this is Wicks’s first range of Body Coach-branded supplements, he has been linked to Myprotein for several years and recommended its supplements to use alongside his fitness plans. A few classic Wicks recipe, such as his 15-minute protein pancakes or these super-quick no-bake protein brownies, use protein powder as an ingredient.

Supplements are a useful training aid when time is tight or you can’t face stuffing a full meal in your gob between tough gym sessions, but it’s always a good idea to try to get all the nutrients you need from your regular diet. Fortunately Wicks has always been a good man to go to on that front as well. Here are 15 of our favourite recipes from Wicks to consider, alongside a cracking 30-minute tandoori cod burger recipe to try when you do have a bit more time in the kitchen.

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