Christmas Gift Ideas

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Some people say that the best part of Christmas is not receiving gifts, but giving them. Those people are obviously wrong – and who are they trying to impress anyway? – but there is still plenty of joy to be taken in giving gifts.

However, in order to give gifts, you first have to choose and obtain those gifts, which is often not a joyous experience. Fortunately, Coach has got your back. We haven’t just picked out the very best gifts for runners, cyclists, gym-goers and swimmers, we’ve also got the inside scoop on the best grooming gift sets and memorable experiences. And if you can’t find the right gift there, we’re still not done trying to help. Scroll your way down this page for an onslaught of fantastic gift ideas.

Gifts For Runners

You can trust Coach We give honest reviews and recommendations based on in-depth knowledge and real-world experience. Find out more about how we review and recommend products.

Runners never get tired of new gear, as long as it’s the good stuff, so use our guide to pick out a great pressie for your favourite pavement-pounder. 

Shop the best gifts for runners

Gifts For Cyclists

It’s very hard to wrap a bike, but the cyclist in your life will probably already have one of those anyway, so instead pick up one of our top gifts, all of which are eminently wrappable.

Shop the best gifts for cyclists

Gifts For Gym-Goers

We have gifts for all levels of gym-goer to consider, from a first dumbbell set to a suspension trainer to one of the most advanced protein shakers on the market.

Shop the best fitness gifts for gym-goers

Gifts For Swimmers

Whether your giftee likes to stick to the pool or venture outside, we have great ideas which will make their time out of the water that bit more comfortable, or bits of tech which will revolutionize their time in it.

Shop the best gifts for swimmers 

Grooming Gifts

Christmas isn’t Christmas without some aftershave and other toiletries under the tree. We’ve picked out some choice fragrances, gift sets, beard oils and shaving kits for your perusal.

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Experience Days

Give the guarantee of a grand day out. And if the experience involves more than one person, you might get to go along as well. You did get them a plum gift after all.

Shop the best experience gifts

Kids Bikes

It’s a rite of passage, for the adults as much as the kids, and the whole experience can be made much easier with the right bike. We have picks for a great first bike (including options under £100), as well as balance bikes

Shop the best kids bikes

Fitness Trackers

We spend a lot of time trying out new fitness trackers and running watches every year, so you can be sure that our picks of the best in each category are up to scratch. Whether you’re looking for an everyday step tracker, a waterproof watch or the finest running watch available right now, our recommendations will help you find the right device.

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Home Gym Equipment

Start stockpiling wrapping paper, because these cardio machines come in big boxes. Whether you’re looking for a treadmillexercise bikecross-trainerturbo or rowing machine, we have top picks to suit all budgets.

Shop the best home gym equipment

Wireless Headphones

The right soundtrack can be the difference between a workout being a joy or a slog, and to listen to the right soundtrack you need a good pair of headphones. We’ve tested all the top sports headphones on the market and picked our favourites, and we’ve also identified the very best for runners in particular.

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